About ABMA Education

ABMA Education is a recognised awarding organisation based in the UK.

We provide qualifications in a number of sectors for students looking to turn their career aspirations into job success, providing you with the skills you need to perform to your potential.

Reasons why you should choose to study an ABMA Education qualification

  • Industry relevant qualifications developed by industry experts and employers with the ABMA Education Learning Environment built in
  • Qualifications that offer value for money
  • Access to the ABMA Education eLibrary where you can download a wealth of textbooks, all for free*
  • Access to the ABMA Education online journal database and hundreds of thousands of articles, opinion pieces, journals and text based resources
  • Access to a designated Members Area which will provide you with access to past papers, podcasts, videos and a skills centre with additional support for your studies and your future career.
  • Gives you the opportunity to progress academically and professionally
  • Allows you to gain new skills that exceed employers’ expectations
  • The opportunity to examine 4 times a year, March, June, September and December
  • You have the opportunity to study and examine as many units as you wish, giving you the flexibility to examine all units or just one.
  • Equivalent level of teaching to first, second and final year of degree
  • Study is flexible in duration

*Access is subject to your centre paying the annual subscription charge.

Computing and Information Systems

Level 4 Diploma

  1. Information Systems
  2. Computer Programming
  3. Information Systems Analysis and Design
  4. Information Presentation and Analysis
  5. Web Technologies

Level 5 Diploma

  1. Database Systems
  2. Software Development
  3. Information Systems Analysis and Design
  4. Web Applications Development
  5. E-Commerce Strategy

Level 6 Diploma

  1. Software Engineering, Algorithm Design and Analysis
  2. Enterprise Architecture
  3. Organisational Security
  4. IT Project Management
  5. Scalable Web and e-Commerce

Business Management

Level 4 Diploma

  1. Management Theories and Practice
  2. Financial Analysis and Planning
  3. Operations Management
  4. Quality Management
  5. Business Structure, Culture and Ethics

Level 5 Diploma

  1. Business Strategy and Planning
  2. Leadership Customer Relationship Management
  3. Strategic Decision Making
  4. International Business

Level 6 Diploma

  1. Strategic Business Management
  2. Managing Marketing Strategy
  3. Management of Human Resources
  4. Finance for Managers
  5. Information Technology and e-Business