Nurturing Tech Pioneers: Programming Courses in Kenya

In an era dominated by technology, programming has emerged as the cornerstone of innovation and economic growth. Kenya, with its thriving tech ecosystem, is taking significant strides in the world of programming. Excel Global College, a leading educational institution in the country, plays a pivotal role in equipping aspiring programmers with the knowledge and skills required to excel in this dynamic field.

The Tech Revolution in Kenya

Kenya's tech landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by a burgeoning startup scene, government support for the tech sector, and an increasing demand for skilled programmers. As Kenya positions itself as a tech hub, the need for proficient programmers becomes more critical than ever.

Why Choose Programming Courses at Excel Global College?

  1. Diverse Programming Languages: Excel Global College offers a wide range of programming courses, covering languages such as Python, Java, C++, and web development technologies. This diversity allows students to explore various programming paths and discover their areas of interest.
  2. Practical Learning: The college focuses on practical, hands-on learning. Students engage in real-world coding projects, building a robust portfolio that showcases their skills and expertise.
  3. Industry-Connected Faculty: Learning from professionals with experience in the tech industry is invaluable. Excel Global College's faculty members bring their real-world insights to the classroom, providing students with a holistic understanding of the programming world.
  4. Cutting-Edge Tools: Staying current with the latest programming tools and technologies is vital. Excel Global College ensures students have access to cutting-edge tools, preparing them for the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  5. Job Placement Support: Excel Global College is committed to helping its graduates launch their careers. The college provides job placement support, connecting students with companies seeking programming talent.

The Path to Becoming a Software Developer

As Kenya embraces digital transformation, the demand for software developers continues to surge. Excel Global College prepares its students to be at the forefront of this transformation, enabling them to become proficient software developers.

Affordable Programming Education

Excel Global College is dedicated to providing affordable education. Its programming courses are reasonably priced, ensuring that financial constraints do not deter aspiring programmers from pursuing their dreams.

In conclusion, the programming landscape in Kenya is on an upward trajectory, and Excel Global College is at the forefront of nurturing the next generation of tech pioneers. With diverse courses, practical learning, industry-experienced faculty, access to cutting-edge tools, and job placement support, the college equips students for success in the world of programming. Embark on your journey to tech excellence with Excel Global College.


VB.NET Course Outline

Getting Started
  • Basic .NET Concepts
  • Exploring the Development Environment
  • Creating a Visual Basic .NET Project
Working with Forms and Controls
  • Understanding Programming Concepts
  • Working with Windows Forms
  • Working with Controls
  • Styling Your Code
Using Variables and Arrays
  • Introduction to Data Types
  • Using Variables
  • Variable Scope
  • Converting Data Types
  • Creating and Using Structures
  • Storing Data in Arrays
Working with Procedures
  • Creating Procedures
  • Using Procedures
  • Using Predefined Functions
Decision Structures and Loops
  • Using Conditional Expressions
  • Using Decision Structures
  • Using Conditional Loop Structures
Using Conditional Loop Structures
  • Restricting User Input
  • Validating Field Data
  • Validating Form Data
Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic .NET
  • Understanding Classes
  • Working with Classes
  • Using Shared Members
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism and Namespaces
Handling Errors and Exceptions
  • Types of Errors
  • Using the Debugger
  • Handling Exceptions
Enhancing the User Interface
  • Creating Menus
  • Creating Status Bars
  • Creating Toolbars
Creating Toolbars
  • Working with Web Forms
  • Using XML Web Services
Deploying Applications
  • Introduction to Deployment
  • Deploying a Windows-based Application
Using XML Web Services
  • Database Concepts
  • Overview of ADO.NET
  • Working with Data

Duration: 4-6 Weeks

Course Fees: Ksh. 15,000

Career Opportunities
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Front End Software Developer
  • Back-end Software Developer
  • Full Stack Software Developer
  • Computer and Information Research Scientists
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Computer Hardware Engineers
  • Software tester
  • Sound designer
  • Systems analyst
  • Game Developer
  • Mobile App Developer

Java Course Outline

  • Create Java technology applications with the latest JDK Technology
  • Develop your object-oriented skills
  • Identify good practices in the use of the language to create robust Java application
  • Use Lambda expressions in Java applications
  • Store and manipulate data using collections
  • Manipulate files, directories and file systems
  • Connect to databases using standard SQL queries through JDBC
  • Create high-performance multi-threaded applications

Duration: 4-6 Weeks

Course Fees: Ksh. 20,000

Certification Fees: Ksh. 5,000

C# Course Outline

  • Introduction to C#
  • Core Programming Concepts
  • Software Develpoment Principles
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Web Applications
  • Databases

Duration: 4-6 Weeks

Course Fees: Ksh. 20,000

Python Course Outline

  • Introduction to Python
  • Operations using Data Types and Operators
  • Flow Control with Decisions and Loops
  • Input and Output Operations
  • Code Documentation and Structure
  • Troubleshooting and Error Handling
  • Operations using Modules and Tools

Duration: 4-6 Weeks

Course Fees: Ksh. 20,000

Certification Fees: Ksh. 5,000