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Get World-Class Business Education with ABE Course at Excel Global College

Oct 13, 2023 |


Excel Global College is a leading college for business and management education in Nairobi, Kenya. We offer ABE Course (Association of Business Executives) that deliver flexible and practice-oriented business qualifications.

ABE is a pioneer in business education with over 40 years of experience. Their courses blend academic excellence with real-world relevance. At Excel Global College, we are an ABE Accredited Tuition Provider approved to offer ABE qualifications.

Why Choose ABE?

Pursuing ABE courses unlocks tremendous benefits:

  • Gain Globally Recognized Qualifications: ABE has educational partnerships in over 100 countries. Their qualifications are designed to international standards.
  • Learn from Industry Experts: ABE courses are designed with input from multinational companies like Microsoft, CIMA, British Airways, and more.
  • Develop Professional Skills: The focus is on equipping you with the skills and knowledge valued by employers worldwide.
  • Study While Working: ABE's flexible distance learning options allow you to study while employed. You can balance work and education.
  • Customized Assessments: ABE offers assignments, project work and flexible assessments rather than formal exams. This is suited to working professionals.
  • Progress to Further Study: After completing ABE courses, progress your qualifications by pursuing degree programs with leading universities worldwide.
  • Enhanced Career Prospects: An ABE certificate stands out on your CV and signals your business competencies to employers.

To experience all these benefits, you should be careful to pick the best ABE college in Nairobi. That’s where Excel Global College can help you with.

ABE college in Kenya

Why Excel Global College is the Right Choice

At Excel Global College, you benefit from ABE certified faculty, convenient schedules, integrated career support and more:

  • Skilled Faculty: Learn from ABE qualified faculty with industry and training expertise. They provide impactful and practical learning.
  • Structured Delivery: We offer structured delivery of ABE content suited to different learning styles. Classes are interactive using presentations, videos, case studies and more.
  • Accessible Schedules: Choose from weekday, weekend, and evening classes to suit your schedule. We also offer flexible online learning options. We make sure that any student who enrols in our ABE college in Kenya can conveniently follow the course.
  • Integrated Career Services: We provide CV writing workshops, mock interviews, career fairs and access to job opportunities.
  • Affordable Fees: Our competitive fee plans come with flexible payment options to suit your budget.
  • Dedicated Student Support: Our student support team provides guidance and assistance at every step, including admissions, assessments, and more.

ABE Course Levels

ABE offers certificates, diplomas and postgraduate diplomas in business and management:

  • Level 3 Awards: Foundation business courses to build core skills. Ideal for career switchers.
  • Level 4 Diplomas: Intermediate qualifications to enhance business decision-making. Includes team leadership and business communication modules.
  • Level 5 Diplomas: Equivalent to the second year of a business degree. Covers strategic management, finance, marketing, and HR.
  • Level 6 Diplomas: Postgraduate level courses in leadership, strategic HR, healthcare management, marketing and more. Designed to elevate your professional skills.

Excel Global College provides preparatory support at every qualification level. Our adaptive teaching methods combined with ABE's industry-relevant courses ensure you gain the strategic skills needed to excel as business professionals, managers, and leaders. Our Business college in Nairobi will ensure your betterment at all times.

Business college in Nairobi

Career Opportunities with ABE Qualifications

ABE opens up diverse, lucrative career paths including:

  • Team Leader/Supervisor in leading companies
  • Management Trainee/Graduate Trainee in business management
  • Sales/Marketing Executive roles in FMCG, retail, IT, automotive, e-commerce sectors
  • Entrepreneurs who launch and manage their own companies
  • Human Resource Officer for talent acquisition and development
  • Administrative/Business Analyst in the corporate sector
  • Banking and financial services roles
  • Hospital/Clinic Manager in the healthcare sector
  • Project Executive in IT and consulting companies

ABE qualified professionals earn higher salaries compared to non-certified peers. At Excel Global College, we empower students with industry-relevant learning, employability skills and access to job opportunities to advance their careers.

Start Your Business Education Journey with ABE!

Excel Global College invites aspiring professionals, career switchers and entrepreneurs to enrol in our ABE Course. With flexible learning suited to working adults, we enable success in your business education and career goals. Contact us to know more and get started today!

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